Children’s drawings

December 16, 2013 · 1 comment

I noticed that a recent picture that my daughter drew of my husband and I seemed to portray us as rather glum looking. I then was attempting to organize some papers and came across a prior drawing she did from a couple of years back and I was struck by the difference. In the 2011 picture we seemed happy and carefree, and in the 2013 picture we both look a bit down in the mouth, no?  (On the positive side our arms have evened out some.)


Stern looking in 2013… like the sort of parents who would say “pick up your damn clothes off the floor and do your homework” and the 2011 parents look like the type to say “forget your homework, let’s go get an ice cream… or anything really that doesn’t require us to have symmetrical arm lengths.”

I wonder it is means anything? Are we less happy, or it is merely that she now (at 11) sees us more accurately? Yikes, I guess she’ll soon realize we have no idea what we are doing. (Though I suspect she and her brother already figured that out a while back.)

Or maybe none of it means anything, because it seems that while drawing conclusions from children’s drawings are a popular pastime that generally “there is little evidence for the reliability and validity of such assessments.”

But just the same… I’ve  noted our glum faces and will make a point to reflect on whether it means we might need to lighten it up a bit or something. Go for an ice cream or whatever.  (A vacation would be even better.)

And while we are on the subject of children’s drawings,  I recently came across this picture I drew as a young girl. As a mass media student I had to chuckle about the naivete of my grade two self in thinking that the newspaper would bring “good news.” (Apparently I wasn’t up on the “if it bleeds it leads” approach.) Also, my grade two self would be very unhappy to know that Canada Post is phasing out home mail delivery so it looks like the mail man is a thing of the past. Interesting that I drew this picture… mail and newspapers… I was an email administrator for many years and now I’m pursuing a mass media degree (and have realized that journalism is in fact a much stronger interest for me than communications… but then it isn’t supposed to mean anything, right?)


Not for long…

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